Good opportunities

  • The library with over 16000 books provides an opportunity to read the books of different fields besides text books to enable the students to develop their general knowledge. The library has also got weekly and monthly magazines and journals.
  • The laboratories for the students to try and experiment what they study in text books. This facility is available for all the students, not only for higher class students.
  • Tailoring classes for higher class students aimed at providing vocational training along with academic curriculum.
  • Tamil & English literary Club – Develops writing and speaking skills in the young minds
  • Maths Club - To Develop the analytical thinking of the students.
  • Science Club – To Develop scientific research and the spirit of invention.
  • Antique Protection Club - To know the our Historical Values.
  • Consumer Club - To realise the consumer rights and act.
  • Health Club - To improve the Physical & Mental health of the students.
  • Road Safety Club - To know the traffic rules and regulations.
  • Environmental Protection Club - To love and preserve the environment and to create awareness among the students.
  • Childrens Rights & Safety Group - Enhance the Female Childrens to know the rights & safety
  • Disaster Management - A process of effectively preparing for and responding to disasters
  • Voters Awarness Group - To aware the elders and their valuable votes

Sports club - 2023 - (Thiruvarur Zonal level meet)

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Tamil Literary Club - 2023

Maths Club - 2023

Science Club - 2023

Antique Production Club - 2023

environmental club - 2022

Health club World hand wash day - 2022

Red ribbon club - 2022

Galleries of good opportunities - 2022

Maths Club - 2022

Science Club - 2022

Voters Awarness Club - 2022