Rules & Regulations

Attendance is compulsory when the school reopens after the vacation. The students who don’t come to come to school continuously for 5 days from the day of reopening will be dismissed from the school. The parents should take prior permission from the Headmistress if the student can’t make it to the school on the reopening day due to health or any other reason.

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School Timings
Forenoon : 9.30 am to 12.55 pm
Afternoon : 1.45 pm to 4.30 pm
4.50 pm to 5.30 pm – Special classes, revision, sports, and the other related activities

The students should be there in the school before the first bell rings at 9.20 am. The students who come late should take permission from the teacher concerned and they will not be allowed in the class without this permission

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The students should go to the classrooms after the morning prayers and sit in their quietly. They must stand up and pray before the beginning and at the end of every session

It’s not good taking leave just like that without any valid reason. However, the students, who seek leave for worthwhile causes, should submit their application signed by parents or guardian to the Headmistress for the approval. The students shouldn’t take leave unless they are sick or anything most important

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Students will not be allowed to go home during school time. However, the parents should give a letter to the Headmistress and take the permission when they want to take their wards home for any reason

Students wear clean uniform on all the days of the week. Students shouldn’t wear gold, silver or any other costly jewellery and the management will not be responsible if they are lost. Tamil and literary meetings will be organized only in the evenings

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Irregular attendance, disobedience to the teachers, ignoring homework, foul language, indiscipline, forging parents or teacher’s signature, attempt to cheat teachers etc., will be sufficient reasons to dismiss the students from the school

Students, who are found copying in exams will be given Zero in all subjects. The management will not be responsible if that’s going to affect their promotion to the next class in the given year

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Students, who indulge in malpractices during exams will be dismissed from the school